2019 Session recordings now available

The talks from the 2019 meeting at Biola, on the theme of “Spontaneous Pattern Formation, Emergence, and the Origin of Life,” are now available to members at this link. Note that you must be logged on as an associate or full member to see the videos. The speakers include:

  • Dr. David Snoke, Professor of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, “Emergence and Spontaneous Pattern Formation: What Can It Do, and What Can’t It Do.”
  • Dr. Brian Miller, Discovery Institute, “Thermodynamics, the Origin of Life, and Information”
  • Dr. Jeff Zweerink, Reasons to Believe, “Is the Multiverse an Information-Generating Machine?”
  • Dr. Arnold Sikkema, Professor of Physics, Trinity Western University,
    “Emergence in Physics and Biophysics”
  • Dr. Jason Rampelt, Fellow, Greystone Theological Institute, and Adjunct Faculty, University of Pittsburgh Department of History and Philosophy of Science,
    “Determinism in the Brain: A Look at Donald MacKay (1922–1987)”
  • Dr. James M. Tour, T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Rice University, “Are Present Proposals on Chemical Evolutionary Mechanisms Accurately Pointing toward First Life?”
  • Dr. Stephen Meyer, Discovery Institute, “Signature in the Cell: The Origin of Life and the Evidence for Intelligent Design”