Similar Websites

The following are websites with generally similar approaches to that of the CSS. The CSS takes no position on any of the contents of these external websites.

Access Research Network

Arts and Sciences (David Snoke)

Biologic Institute

Bio-Complexity Journal

Biola University program on Science and Religion

Christian Medical and Dental Association

Discovery Institute

Darwin’s God (George Hunter)

God and Science (Richard Deem)

Günther Bechly

Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute

John Lennox

Ratio Christi

Reasons to Believe (Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana)

Society for Christian Psychology

Stand to Reason

The following websites have different perspectives in many ways from the CSS but have many useful resources.

American Scientific Affiliation

Biologos (theistic evolution)

Books and Culture (Christianity Today book reviews)

Christians in Science (UK group affiliated with the ASA in the United States)

Christian Research Institute (Hank Hanegraaf)

Closer to Truth

Creation Ministries International (young-earth creationist, interesting list of no-longer-used young earth arguments)

Emerging Scholars Network

Evolution 2.0 (Perry Marshall)

Evolution News and Views

Faraday Institute

Global Scholars (placing Christian academics in universities around the world)

Lee Strobel (apologetics)

Peaceful Science (Jon Garvey)

Salvo magazine (science, religion and culture)

William Lane Craig (apologetics, philosophy)

Veritas Forum

List of Christian Professional and Academic Societies

The following are organizations with a commitment to biblical Gospel teaching:

The Chicago Statement on inerrancy

The Gospel Coalition

Alliance of Confessing Christians

Ligonier Ministries (R.C. Sproul)