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Anyone may become an Associate Member; they are not required to agree with the principles of the Society.



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Contributing members are typically historians, philosophers, and theologians with an interest in science. They must agree with the Society’s founding principles.



  • All privileges of Contributing Members
  • Vote in elections and other decisions of the Society
  • Serve on committees which draft position papers

Full Members must have experience as actual scientists, and must be Christians in agreement with the Society’s founding principles.

Scientific credentials normally are at least two years of graduate education past the bachelor’s degree in medicine, engineering, math, or a natural science, and at least five years of research experience past the bachelor’s degree. The Society will consider exceptions to these standards in special cases.

Full members may vote

  1. in elections of officers
  2. on admitting new full members
  3. on bylaws changes
  4. on position papers of the Society
  5. any awards or honors given by the Society.

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