New article on “How biologists are already using the ID paradigm”

In this article, published in the journal Bio-Complexity (sponsored by the Discovery Institute), I argue that the field of systems biology is already widely using ID-friendly thinking. Some of the quotes from the literature are quite striking!

2 responses to “New article on “How biologists are already using the ID paradigm””

  1. Steven Read Avatar
    Steven Read

    Bravo, very well presented and supported! I am so weary of the Darwinian paradigm and it seems every piece of science news filtered (or squeezed) through. Perhaps there will be more open acknowledgement that following this paradigm actually hinders scientific advancement, and respect and awe toward the Designer instead of the catch-all “nature”.

  2. Jim Montgomery Avatar
    Jim Montgomery

    I think this article is a superb view of the bio-systems point of view and how hard it keeps getting to push the random mechanistic point of view. Dawkins’ statement in his book The Blind Watchmaker about how biological organisms appear to be designed, but really aren’t, sounded like metaphysical tripe then and the more we learn of biological systems the more ridiculous it sounds now. Great article and I’m encouraged that young biologists are looking at the study of biology more like the study of engineered systems.

    I don’t think Darwinism’s demise is going to happen any time soon, but it’s more vocal proponents are sounding more and more like people on a rant as many of them do now. An atheist will use any means allowed and say just about anything to justify his or her’s nonbelief. It is their worldview and it’s a paradigm where anything goes and all things are permissible. One can only pray for them as they will die one day and find out how wrong they were.

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