News items, August 2020


  • Another professor argues that math has no objective truth. See this link. So far, this kind of attack on math and logic as arbitrary Western constructs is a minority view of extreme postmodernists, but it seems to be growing.
  • Discovery Institute engages in lengthy debate on whale evolution. See this Youtube video.
  • Will Amazon clutter the night sky with thousands of mini-satellites? See this link.
  • A museum display says that people of color cannot be expected to think scientifically. No, this was not published by white supremacists, but by the national African American History Museum, in a graphic that explained that such things as thinking logically, using the scientific method, and working hard are part of “white culture.” The graphic was removed after criticism, but in my experience represents a line of thinking very much in the mainstream, which does not so much want discourage people of color from doing science (though this would certainly have that effect), but rather to discourage all types of people from seeing science and logic as universally valid. See this link.

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