The Christian Scientific Society

A different type of organization

The Christian Scientific Society aims to be a “society” in the original sense: a community of like-minded people who critique each other’s work and stimulate further work. We are not a mouthpiece for one person, as is unfortunately common with Christian non-profits, we are not just an honorary club, and we are not a single-agenda lobbying group. We do expect to issue public statements from time to time, but our mission is not one of political or cultural change. We seek to know truth ourselves, and to make the truth known. As our name says, we are about science from a Christian perspective. This means, first of all, that we seek to not just philosophize about science, but to actually do science. We love pure philosophers and theologians, and welcome their participation in our discussions, but full members of our society must be actual scientists (or doctors, engineers or mathematicians with research experience). Those who do not have scientific credentials are welcome to become associate members and join our discussion boards, but we feel strongly that those who speak for the society must have scientific expertise. We also want to be a definitely Christian society. We welcome all types of Christians from different traditions, but our society is anchored in a very high view of the Bible. This view is sometimes called the “inerrancy” view: that the Bible, when properly understood in context, is the true Word of God and without error. (For in-depth discussion of the notion of inerrancy, see this link.) One can nuance one’s understanding of the Bible in many ways, and getting the proper meaning of the original words is a science in itself, but we believe it is essential that we agree that our discussion is founded on the teachings of all of the Bible. We also affirm that the historical confessions of the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed are true summaries of the teaching of the Bible.

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A different type of publishing

There is a lot of debate these days about publishing models: blind refereeing, double blind, open source, etc. Especially on controversial subjects, referees who evaluate a paper anonymously can be open to the temptation to be less than objective. Our model is different: instead of refereeing the papers, we referee the authors. We have a high standard for who may join our society as a full member, but a person who is a full member may publish (i.e., electronically post on this website) any articles he or she wants that are germane to science. Members may also post articles from other sources, with permission from the original authors.

(Not the mysterious sect!)

We are in no way affiliated with the “Christian Science” sect. That group has not much to do with either science or with Christianity; it rejects the Bible, affirming instead the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and rejects scientific common sense as well, teaching that bad things don’t really happen.