Schroeder’s Theory — The “Days of Old”

Here is my attempt at visualizing what Gerald Schroeder was talking about in “The Science of God” (1998). He says that because of relativity, the billions of years since creation can also be the same amount of time in six literal days. Here is his correlation of Creation Days and Geologic Time Scale side by side.


Comments are welcome. I found that the time match was very close, but not perfect. I think this is a great attempt at thinking “outside the box(es)” of either YCE or materialism and in favor of both the primacy of Scripture and the actual beauty of Creation.

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  1. João Pedro Avatar

    On FaceBook, there’s a summary of the major points of Dr. Schroeder’s theory on the age of the universe. Here’s the link to it:

    I hope it will be helpful!

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