Scientist finds evidence for intelligent design in genetic information, claims it is evidence we live in a simulation

When reading the details of this paper, one finds:

  1. A theoretical prediction for the change of information entropy over time based on the assumption of intelligent use of information, which gives the opposite rule of standard entropy based on random processes,
  2. A comparison of theory to actual genetic code which shows the prediction for intelligent use of information is correct, indicating processes are not random, but instead are more consistent with the action of an intelligence,
  3. A conclusion that since intelligence must be involved in the story of life, we must be living inside a computer simulation!

Are “living inside a computer simulation” people simply Intelligent Design advocates in a different form?

More detailed analysis:

1) They assume a total entropy given by the number of states of the underlying atoms *plus* the number of relational states between the atoms created by “writing” onto the atoms, so to speak. They call this extra entropy “informational entropy”.
2) This extra entropy increases as the number of possible messages increases.
3) They argue that the only changes that can happen to the informational entropy are for the number of possible written messages to decrease, as information-bearing channels are lost (e.g. erased due to diffusion or noise). Therefore the information content (“informational entropy”) can only decrease over time or stay the same (consistent with Dembski’s thesis). In fact, their “second law of information dynamics” seems to be exactly Dembski’s (uncredited).
4) They look at virus information and find that it decreases over time consistent with this rule. In other words, it looks like a system front-loaded with information which then loses information over time, not one in which evolution is leading to increase of information.
5) They then conclude that evolution is not random: “The observation of the information entropic force that governs genetic mutations is very powerful because it challenges the Darwinian view that genetic mutations are complete random events.”
6) From this they conclude we are living in a simulation!

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