Our Mission


1. We are called to support increased understanding of the natural world and to encourage Christians in these efforts. This may include sponsored research studies, fellowships for scientists for periods of research, fellowships for students, and acting as an agent to store and disseminate information.

2. We are called to support education of the public on both the certainties and uncertainties of science, with a special aim to glorify God by making known the wonderful aspects of his creation. This may include lecture series, books, articles, websites, and materials for educators.

3. We are called to deliberate and investigate various controversial topics related to science. This may include study groups and topical conferences. Topics of study may include controversies about scientific fact, controversies about reconciling science and biblical theology and interpretation, and controversies of ethics.

4. When we have some degree of certainty on various topics, we are called to address publicly both scientific and ethical errors made by all types of people, whether Christians or not, that may have serious consequences for society. This may include commissions to write advisory statements and votes by the membership on official statements.

5. We are called to support scientists who are Christians through relational ministry and discipleship. This may include group Bible studies, study centers, conferences, retreats, and publication of personal devotional materials. It may also include sponsoring workers who specialize in evangelism and discipleship in local university communities. The Society is not a church, however, and encourages all members to belong to a local Christian church.

6. We are called to support scientists who are Christians in cases where they may be facing discrimination or persecution because of their faith in Christ, even if they are not members of our society. This may include petitions and letter writing campaigns to support those who are persecuted.

7. We are called to work to increase networking among scientists who are Christians throughout the world. We desire to be a global society and to encourage study of science and Christianity throughout the world. This may include sponsoring short-term trips both for scientific exchange and aiding in educational and physical needs, supporting travel for overseas scientists to the US and vice versa, and helping to provide supplies for scientific efforts in countries with few resources.