Trust in science leaders plummets after Covid

This column in National Review lists errors made by the CDC and Dr. Fauci during the Covid crisis. This article from the Atlantic discusses the general decline of trust in elite academia. Just to be clear, although the CSS has no official position on the Covid vaccines, most members would agree with the talks at the recent CSS meeting, “What have we learned from Covid?” that the vaccines are not dangerous, that they are reasonably effective while not giving 100% immunity, and that vaccines in general are a good public health measure. But many of the ancillary decisions made at the time were not as thoroughly researched or justified. When I talked to two medical leaders recently myself, both affirmed that “cost-benefit analysis” was never applied or even discussed in the CDC policy-making process, that is, the costs to public health of economic shutdown versus the costs of overwhelming hospitals. There was a single-minded push to stop hospitals from being overwhelmed. It’s understandable because that’s where doctors spend their time. But statements were made in the name of science that simply didn’t add up to people on the street, and mocking them as anti-science didn’t help.

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