Upcoming Local Meeting of the CSS in Southern California: November 7-8

We are pleased to announce that the Christian Scientific Society will be having a local meeting this coming November at the newly finished facilities of Reasons to Believe at 818 S. Oak Park. Rd., Covina, California 91724.


Friday night, November 7
7:00 PM registration and reception

8:00 PM Casey Luskin, “Intelligent Design 2.0: Latest findings of the ID research program”
9:00 PM David Snoke, “How biologists are using ID principles as a productive research design, and why their evolutionary arguments for these principles are problematic”

Saturday morning, November 8

9:00 AM coffee and fellowship
10:00 AM Fuz Rana, “Is there a Biochemical anthropic principle?”
11:00 AM Caroline Crocker, “Bunk Detecting Principles: How does one distinguish bunk from real science?”

12:00 PM lunch (informal arrangements)

Each talk will be 45 minutes with extended Q&A.


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