Video for the Southern California meeting now available

All four talks at the recent CSS meeting at the facilities of Reasons to Believe are now available at this link. The videos are available for members only (associate or full). Videos of previous conferences are also available at our regular “videos” page, available on the “Resources” tab above.

The theme was new results in intelligent design. Summaries of the talks are below.

“Intelligent Design 2.0: Latest findings of the ID research program”

Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute gives an overview of recent research sponsored by the Discovery Institute as well as work by others that supports the premise of intelligent design.

“How biologists are using ID principles as a productive research design, and why their evolutionary arguments for these principles are problematic”

David Snoke, president of the Christian Scientific Society, discusses the explosion of work in the systems biology field that looks just like intelligent design research, and presents the results of a numerical model he has developed which shows that it is quite difficult to get random evolution to produce all the optimal behavior we see in living systems.

“Is there a Biochemical anthropic principle?”

Fuz Rana, Vice President of Reasons to Believe, discusses new results in biochemistry, relating to the protein folding problem, that indicate fine tuning of the laws of nature.

“Bunk Detecting Principles: How does one distinguish bunk from real science?”

Caroline Crocker, former head of the American Institute for Technology and Science Education, gives a humorous, whirlwind talk on her work debunking bad science and overblown claims in numerous areas.