Videos now available online for the Biola meeting, “In Defense of Truth”

Videos are available at this link. Talks include

David Snoke, professor of physics, University of Pittsburgh, “How did we get here? A brief overview of modernism, postmodernism, and post-post-modernism”
Daniel Hitchcock, associate professor of psychology, Regent University, “Interpreting truth: Schemata, paradigms, and worldviews”
Mihretu Guta, adjunct professor of philosophy, Biola University, on “Why truth matters in scientific pursuits”
Richard Jones, professor of physics, University of Connecticut, on “Sometimes the majority is right: Evidence for the Big Bang”
Doug Axe, Maxwell professor of molecular biology, Biola University, on “Sometimes the majority is wrong: Evidence for intelligent design”
Greg Shearer, professor of Nutrition and Physiology, The Pennsylvania State University, “Do design hypotheses work as guides for scientific inquiry? My personal experience”

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